Medically Identified as a "Best Practice' our Holistic Acupressure technique Relieves Stress and Lowers Blood Pressure


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December 3,2009 Wounded Warriors performed the stressout for our Veterans of Wars past

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Professor Vest has trained under the foremost paracticioners of holistic health: 

  • Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, Nyingma Institute
  • Oscar Ichazo, Arica Institute
  • Joseph Downing, MD, Gestalt & Integrative Medicine
  • Claudio Naranjo, MD, Ph.D., SAT,
  • John Lilly, MD., Private Practice

Research concentrations include:

Using touch or physical interaction and other integrative health practices to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression and to promote safe, skillful, and nourishing touch; computer technology linking people, resources, and ideas; holistic health/integrative medicine; and, field education practices.

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Current Professional Practice:

As a social worker for the US Army Warrior Restoration & Resilience Center (R & R Center) at Ft. Bliss, TX, my responsibilities include meeting with soldiers and their families diagnosed with PTSD. I meet with them individually, in couples and in groups. Additionally, I serve as the Coordinator of Health Education, offering a daily meditation/relaxation program, and facilitate the water polo activities. Our experimental and experiential holistic approach for PTSD recovery, incorporates integrative and medical practices--Medical Massage, Yoga, Reiki, Acupuncture, Tai Chi, Qigong and other therapies, such as, Expressive Arts, and Therapeutic Field Trips,

In addition to my practice with soldiers, I created and often teach “Social Work Practice with Elders” (PT), at the NMSU School of Social Work.  I am the founder and team leader of the International Community of Certified Partners of the 15-Minute StressOut Program.  I serve as the Team Leader, Las Cruces, Health Promotion Team with Elders, and I act as the facilitator for stress management classes US Army Community Services, Ft. Bliss, TX.

Degrees & Licenses:

1966, M.S.W., University of Connecticut; 1961, B.A. Long Beach State University. Licensed Independent Social Worker-I-0211(LISW); New Mexico, License to Practice Massage Therapy-License#198(LMT); Academy of Certified Social Workers(ACSW); and, Arica Institute, Inc.-Certified Teacher

Professional Experience:

Clinical Social Worker, WM Beaumont Army Medical Ctr, Restoration&ResilienceCenter,  Warrior Program, Ft. Bliss, TX, 2008-present.
Professor Emeritus, New Mexico State University, School of Social Work, 1998-present. 

Director, Teaching-Learning Center, Field Director, and faculty member at NMSU since 1978. Wide variety of social work public and private practice positions in holistic health, mental health, developmental disabilities, school social work, and teaching in higher education, stress management/health promotion, research, and consultation, 1961-1998.

Director, Social Work Program, , Rio Grande, Ohio (1975-78)

Executive Director & Founder,  MH/MR Center, Inc., Pittsburgh,PA (1970-74)

Executive Director, , Pittsburgh, PA (1966-70)

Program Director, Ontario- , Ontario, CA (1962-64) 


2000 Corrine Wolfe Lifetime Achievement Award, National Association of Social Workers, New Mexico Chapter

1999 Compendium of Diabetes Best Practices, Quality of Care ~ National Projects, Selected Best Practice Research for Past Decade, Health Care Financing Administration, American Association of Health Plans, and American Diabetes Association

1997 Distinguished Service Award, National Association of Social Workers, Southern New Mexico Branch, New Mexico Chapter

1994 Distinguished Service Award, National Association of Social Workers, New Mexico Chapter

1991 Burlington Northern Foundation Faculty Achievement Award in Recognition of Outstanding University Teaching

1991 Social Worker of the Year, National Association of Social Workers, New Mexico Chapter

1991 Donald C. Roush Award for Teaching Excellence, New Mexico State University

1987 Social Worker of the Year, Social Workers of Southern New Mexico Branch, National Association of Social Workers, New Mexico Chapter

Professional Service, Appointments, and Elected Offices(Selected)

2005-present, Team Leader with Aurora Ybarra, LBSW and Francesca Smith, LBSW, Las Cruces Health Promotion Team for Seniors, Munson Senior Center, Las Cruces, New Mexico

1997-04, Editorial Board, Family Preservation Journal, Family Preservation Institute, New Mexico State University, School of Social Work

1981-99, Team Leader/Founder New Mexico State University, Health Promotion Team

1991-93, Delegate Assembly Planning Committee, National Association of Social Workers

1989-91, President, National Association of Social Workers, New Mexico Chapter

1989-95, New Mexico State University, Distinguished Visiting Scholar Committee

1988-92, Community Correction's Advisory Panel, Dona Ana County

1986-88, President, Social Workers of Southern New Mexico

1985-90, Faculty Senate, New Mexico State University

Creative Workshops:

Vest, G.W. (2005-Present) Designed and Organized, with Aurora Ybara, Francesca Smith, Cher Guerrerro and Team, Las Cruces Health Promotion Team with Elders.

Vest, G.W. (2005-Present) Social Workers of Southern New Mexico, NASW, Program Unit. Moderator, Yahoo Discussion Group/Forum.

Vest, G.W. (2005-Present). Over 40 Newslogs: "Meditation on the out-breath." "Using healthy touch to support and nourish our elders and care givers." "Children's team art & music project." "Open mind and meditation." "Holistic self-care practice." "Health promotion, health fitness and stress management for prisons--a proposal". "Have we lost touch with our touch?" "My grandkids love the tarot." "What is preventing us from being free?" Learning to give safe, skillful, loving touch." "Coca cola spoofs by ariana." New Civilization Network.

Vest, G.W. (2000). "Acupressure, breath awareness help diabetes patients," a description of our research using the "15-Minute Stressout Program," Massage Magazine, research issue #86, July/August.

Vest,G.W. (2000). "Get Healthy with Dr. Alton Kanter," community radio interview, Get Healthy, Original Broadcast, KKCR-FM, Kauai, HI, July 12.

Vest,G.W. (1999). Health Expert, www.WebMD.Com, Live Event Guest Presenter - "Self-Administer 15-Minute StressOut Program," Chat Room/Auditorium, see Transcript archives.

Vest,G.W. (1995). 15-Minute StressOut Program Instructional Video & DVD (English, Spanish, Hebrew, & Braille Study Guide), KRWG Studio.

Warren, K., Warren, M., Vest, G.W, et al. (1995). Heartbeat Rhythms, Background Music audiotape, 15-Minute StressOut Program Video, Glenn Hermann Productions.

Vest, G.W. (1994-1998). International Internet Listserv Founder/Owner/Manager, SW-Fieldwork, New Mexico State University, School of Social Work.

Vest, G.W. (1994-1996). Webmaster, NMSU School of Social Work with Loreta Skukas and Yoshi DeRoos.

Vest, G.W. and Connealy, M. (1987-1994). NASW New Mexico, International Human Services Bulletin Board System(BBS), with Randy Scott, Jerry Scott, Drew Spray, Reba Nichols and student interns. (Selected as "Masters of Innovation IV", 1992 Competition, Zenith Data Systems.)

Recent Papers and Workshops(Selected):

2007, Bi-Annual Domestic Violence Conference, "Giving and Receiving Ethical, Safe, Skillful Touch with Children, Youth and Families," Centenniel Conference Center, Biggs Air Force Base, Oct. 2-3, El Paso, TX.

2007, Professional Symposium, "The 15-Minute StressOut Program-Giving and Receiving Nourishing Touch," El Paso Alzheimer's Association, April 26, 2007, St. Paul's Methodist Church, El Paso, TX.

2006, Conference Workshop, "Mindfulness and Touch Reduce Stress," American Society of Military Comptrollers, Professional Development Institute, Feb. 23, 2006, Camino Real, El Paso, TX.

2004. Institute Workshop, "15-Minute StressOut Program for Self-Care and for Family Preservation," 15th. Annual Family Preservation Conference, Sept. 8-11, 2004, St. Anthony Windham Hotel, San Antonio, TX.

2003 & 2004 Workshops: "15-Minute StressOut", Memory Loss-Caring & Coping -- Care Giver Conference, NM Alzheimer's Association, Ap. 12, Hilton Hotel, Las Cruces, NM.

2002, Leading Workshop: "15-Minute StressOut Program: Using Safe, Skillful and Appropriate Touch," Multicultural Family-Centered Training Project, NMSU School of Social Work, Hyatt Regency, Tamaya, NM.

1997, Development Institute: Skillful Touch for Families and for Self-Care, National Association of Family-Based Services, 11th Annual Families Conference, Hilton, Minneapolis, MN.

1995, Presentation: Introduction to the 15-Minute StressOut Program for the Elderly, sponsored by State of Israel, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, International Relations, and National Insurance Institute, Center for Gerontological Research, Jerusalem, Israel.

1995, Workshop: The Use of Skillful, Safe, and Appropriate Touch for Self-Care and to Nourish and Support our Elders, with Haya Dashal, Second Global Conference on Ageing, Renaissance Hotel, Jerusalem, Israel.

1995, Institute & Workshop: Healthy Touch for Families, and Family Holistic Health Practices,NMSU Family Preservation Conference, Doubletree Hotel, Dallas, TX.

1981-Present, Other National Workshops and Presentations:

National Symposium of Social Group Work; Nat'l. Conference of Clinical Social Workers; Nat'l. Parenting Symposium; Western Regional Human Service Conference; Nat'l. Conference of Gerontological Nurse Practitioners; Master Classes-NASW National Conference; Master Classes-Council on Social Work Education; and, NASW National Leadership Conference.

Grants (Selected)

1986 Principal Investigator with Mike Connealy. Design, develop, and administer "Communications Networking System of New Mexico, BBS System" a cooperative program between NMSU Department of Social Work and Social Workers of Southern NM. (Awarded $8,350, National Association of Social Workers)

1984-85 Program Director & Principal Investigator. Designed, developed, and introduced holistic health practices for "Health Promotion with the Elderly" project. Department of Social Work and Gerontology Center received $50,000.00 grant, State Agency on Aging, to develop 150 senior health promotion advocates throughout the state of New Mexico.

International Workshops:

1995 Global Conference on Ageing & Center for Gerontological Research Workshops, Jerusalem, Israel

Other International Projects:

Communication & Networking with the International Human Services BBS, Autonoma University, School of Social Work, Juarez, Mexico (See, 1989 Article); International Street Kids Research Project, with Autonoma University, School of Social Work, NMSU Department of Social Work & Utah State University, Department of Social Work, Juarez, Mexico (See, 1989 Article)

Teaching, Research, and Publishing Areas and Interests:

Has taught generalist and advanced practice courses in holistic family practice, social policy and advocacy, social work practice with our elders, approaches in Gestalt psychology & complementary medicine, human behavior & social environment, self-defense, health and wellness, administration with a teamwork focus, community resources, and computer use in human services.

Conduct workshops, provide clinical practice with youth-at-risk, individuals, couples, families and groups; serve as consultant-trainer for several organizations, including bi-monthly workshops with the US Army and formerly with NASA-White Sands, AmeriCorp, mental health, and senior programs.

Recent Publications(Selected):

Grobman, L. and Bourassa, D. (2007). Days in the lives of gerontological social workers. "Integrative touch and the 15-Minute StressOut." Chap. 31. White Hat Communications, Harrisburg, PA. 

Gordon, S. (interview with G.W. Vest). (2000) "Maintaining your mental equilibrium," 
Vitality Magazine, March, p.9. and Federal Occupational Health, "Let's Talk," Fall, (2003).

Vest, G.W., Ronnau, J., Lopez, B., & Gonzales, G. (1999). "Alternative health practices in ethnically diverse rural areas....,
Multicultural Issues in Social Work, NASW Press, Chap. 21.  

Vest, G.W.,, (1997). "Alternative health practices in ethnically diverse rural areas: a collaborative research project, Health & Social Work,  May, V22, No.2, pp, 95-100.

Lusk, M., Peralta, F. & Vest, G.W. (1989). "Juarez street chidren: A field study," International Journal of Social Work,

Vest, G.W., Connealy, M. & Nichols, R.(1989). "Human services computer networking." Computer Use in Social Services.

Vest, G.W., (1987). "Supervision, consultation, and teamwork-a health systems approach." Corrective and Social Psychiatry and Journal of Behavior Technology Methods and Therapy.